Re:Acryl badge Big (circle / square)
Re:Acryl badge Small (circle / square)
Re:Acryl badge (3circle / rectangle)

Original fittings and accessories produced in-house are made with custom colored and patterned acrylic sheets,
inevitably leaving leftover scraps. The size and shape of these offcuts vary making utilization of the small,
specially colored material difficult. These distinctive scraps are assembled to make virtually one-off original RE:Acryl badges.

Re:Acryl badge Big / 1,800(Tax inc. 1,944)
Re:Acryl badge Small / 1,200(Tax inc. 1,296)
Re:Acryl badge (3circle / rectangle) / 1,600(Tax inc. 1,728)

■ Size:
Re:Acryl badge Big / W40mm×H40mm
Re:Acryl badge Small / W25mm×H25mm
Re:Acryl badge 3circle / W42mm×H16mm
Re:Acryl badge rectangle / W40mm×H12mm

■ Material: Acrylic, pin:

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Founded in 2009 by Musashino Art University graduates Satoshi Hasegawa and Mayuko Tsunoda.
Hasegawa has been working in design since 2006,
with Tsunoda currently an assistant in spatial design at Musashino Art University.

For ‘Everyone’ with ‘Everyone’ by ‘Everyone’
This is the concept behind the genre-free designs.
For ‘everyone’, including those who aren’t yet into design. Including ‘everyone’, regardless of design genre.
With ‘everyone’s’ help to accomplish what can’t be done alone. And to make design a force for everyone.
These are the beliefs that drive our daily approach to design.