• Re Acryl pierce01
Re:Acryl pierce Big (circle / square / triangle / diamond / hexagon / cross)
Re:Acryl pierce Small (circle / square / triangle / diamond / hexagon / cross)
Re:Acryl pierce earring (circle / square)

As with the RE:Acryl badge series, these mostly one-off earrings are made from scraps of acrylic sheet left over from
manufacturing fittings and accessories. Choose bright colors or darker shades to match your mood and style for the day.

■ Price:
Re:Acryl pierce Big / 2,500(Tax inc. 2,700)
Re:Acryl pierce Small / 2,200(Tax inc. 2,376)
Re:Acryl earring / 2,500(Tax inc. 2,700)

■ Size:
Re:Acryl pierce Big / W10mm×H10mm
Re:Acryl pierce Small / W7mm×H7mm
Re:Acryl earring / W6mm×H15.5mm

■ Material:
Pierce:Acrylic (Titanium pins)
Earring:Acrylic (silver pins)

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