GAMA Pouch

Pouches made from wetsuit scraps, with a clip frame opening.
Performance wetsuit material is suitable for land and sea use – much like the amphibious frogs
that the frame openings resemble. Made from left over special order wetsuit material,
the unique colors reveal individuality much like in the animal world.

■ Price:
cosme / 3,300(Tax inc. 3,564)
pen / 2,900(Tax inc. 3,132)
coin / 2,500(Tax inc. 2,700)

■ Size:
cosme / W160mm×H135mm×D70mm
pen / W190mm×H80mm×D50mm
coin / W80mm×H85mm×D50mm

■ Materials: Body: wetsuit fabric, frame: steel

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Founded in 2009 by Musashino Art University graduates Satoshi Hasegawa and Mayuko Tsunoda.
Hasegawa has been working in design since 2006,
with Tsunoda currently an assistant in spatial design at Musashino Art University.

For ‘Everyone’ with ‘Everyone’ by ‘Everyone’
This is the concept behind the genre-free designs.
For ‘everyone’, including those who aren’t yet into design. Including ‘everyone’, regardless of design genre.
With ‘everyone’s’ help to accomplish what can’t be done alone. And to make design a force for everyone.
These are the beliefs that drive our daily approach to design.