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Perforated metal is made by punching holes in metal sheets creating an aesthetically pleasing material that is light and permeable.
Circular scraps of metal created as a byproduct of the punching process are layered to create this ‘Hundo’ paperweight.
The flat metal offcuts jettisoned from their sheet have been layered to create a solid, heavy paperweight.

■ Price:1,480(Tax inc. 1,598)

■ Size:Φ26〜30mm×H46mm

■ Material:Perforated stainless steel offcuts and parts

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Akira Mabuchi

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Akira Mabuchi Design was established in 2011 following experience in a design office.
A wide range of perspectives are utilized for communicating concepts and creations through planning,
designing and directing graphics, interiors, and domestic products.